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In the May OMOTENASHIBOX, various flavors are packed, including curry, Saga nori, black sesame, and salty butter. Additionally, you'll find Dragon Ball chocolate wafers, a popular anime in Japan, with one seal included. Among the seals, there are a total of 34 types, including 3 secret ones. You might just get one of the secret seals!

For orders placed in May, the subscription will begin with the 【May 2024】 box, and for orders placed in June, it will start with the 【June 2024】 box.


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Please understand that the package may differ from the pictures.
Popular items might be sold out.
Chocolate may melt during transportation and the quality could change.


Customer Reviews



  • Highly recommended for fans for Japan


  • Great gift box from Japan. I love Japanese snacks and sweets so this service is the best offer for me.


  • I just came back from Japan and I missed Japanese food, including their snacks and sweets.
    Thankfully I discovered Ton!Ten!Ton! which offers a delightful surprise in each subscription box. Be surprised with all the Japanese snacks carefully selected for this month. Receive your box every month with different assortments.


  • So do you have friends who are DELULU or are you one of them but no matter how delulu you are, you definitely can still cart out these snack box from @ton.ten.ton for this VALENTINE DAY GIFTS and send it to your crush and you never know, your delulu might become trululu


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